• HHC & Terp Blend Smash-Ups


    Strawberry Pop Rocks HHC & Pineapple Express Terps: Sativa 

    If there was a perfect scenario to be in, it would be between this smash up! Candied Strawberry Pop Rocks HHC collide head on with Pineapple Express Terps in this epic battle to win your taste buds. 


    Jam Candy HHC & Trainwreck Terps: Sativa

    Imagine yourself on a trippy train with your favorite Jam Candy Treat! Rockin and rollin to the beat, this sativa blend will keep your sweet toothsatisfied. Smashing up our delicious Jam Candy HHC with Trainwreck Terps will keep you coming back for more!

    HHC & Terp Blends